Smallmouth Bass Fishing:

Smallmouth bass live in Carpenter and a grown number of nearby lakes. Perhaps one of the more successful species in the times of global warming, smallmouth bass are now found in lakes that were formerly exclusive to trout. Carpenter Lake is situated at the doorstep of your cabin and other bass lakes where we have boats can be reached by daily excursions.

Smallmouth bass seem to thrive in the warm days of summer and are typically caught by spin casting, still fishing or bobber fishing. Spin casting or bobber fishing in shallow weed beds often yields catches of smaller bass whereas the large fish tend to be caught at depths of 10- to 20-feet with a variety of artificial spoons, spinners and plugs or with worms. Although a summer day's fishing can produce your limit of small bass, most fishermen focus on catching the larger fish. An average catch is one or two smallmouth bass, most of which are in the one- to three-pound range with rare trophies up to four pounds.

Smallmouth bass present one of the more exhilarating fishing experiences. Once hooked, they often do a rapid darting motion and jump out of the water shaking vigorously to dislodge the embedded hook. In many instances, the shaking motion can free a loosely hooked fish and the fisherman is back to casting for another strike.