Brook Trout Fishing:

Fishing for brook trout (speckled trout) is a long-standing tradition for guests of Carpenter Lake Cabins. Since 1951, the person catching the largest trout becomes a member of the "Spec Club" and his name is engraved on a large replicate fishing lure that hangs in the lodge.

Many of the smaller lakes in our area (see the Recreational Map) are the home of brook trout. In many instances you need to use only oars to propel the 12-14' boats on these small lakes. Brook trout and rainbow trout also live in the clean clear waters of the Thessalon River and its various tributaries. Large lakes have brook trout that are regularly caught by fishermen who troll for lake trout.

Spin casting and still-fishing with light line and a variety of small spoons and spinners or the old stand-by spinner and worm are common methods of catching brook trout in fairly shallow water. A skilled fly fisherman can get exciting action from brook trout during fly hatches.

Most brook trout fishing is done in May and September when the fish seem to be more aggressive. Brook trout are periodically planted in some neighboring lakes to Carpenter and these lakes can produce good catches of small fish following a successful planting event.