Lake Trout Fishing:

The larger lakes in our area are the home of lake trout (see lakes on the recreational map). We have wide-deep boats on these water bodies and all can be accessed by travelling for upwards of an hour through some combination of driving, using ATVs or walking. Small outboard motors are required to propel the boats through wind and waves on these larger lakes.

Lake trout typically live in fairly deep water of 30-to-50-foot depth and an important aspect of lake-trout fishing is to determine where the fish are located on this particular day. Often, the trout are found along sections of boulder shoreline, off points of land or at margins of shoals. At other times, lake trout tend to sit at a certain depth in otherwise deep sections of the lake. Rarely, lake trout are in shallow water such as in beach environments where they possibly seek the nymphs of hatching flies. Electronic fish-finders are useful for locating lake trout so you can place your bait at the appropriate depth and location. In deep water, lake trout are caught mainly by trolling heavy line with large spinners trailed by a minnow.

Most catches are represented by lake trout in the one- to four-pound range with rare trophies of up to 10 pounds. Check the Ontario Fishing Regulations Guide under Useful Links for details such as limits and sizes for lake trout in our area (Fishing Management Zone 10).

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