Lake Trout Fishing:

The larger lakes in our area are the home of lake trout (see lakes on the fishing and recreational map). We have wide-deep boats on these water bodies and all can be accessed from your cabin by traveling for 15 minutes to an hour. Modes of travel include driving or boating and portaging; all-terrain vehicles or our 4-seater ATV can be utilized to reach the lake trout areas. Boats can be used free of charge by cabin guests and light-weight outboard motors are available for rent (typically 3.5 HP Mercury's) and are ideal for trolling.

Lake trout are caught mainly by trolling with large spinners trailed by a minnow (click on Lake trout fishing tips for the design of a typical trolling rig). Maps are available for the lakes and we can point out good fishing localities and details such as the depth at which to fish.

Most catches are represented by lake trout in the two- to four-pound range with rare trophies of up to 10 pounds. Check the Ontario Fishing Regulations Guide under Useful Links for details such as limits and sizes for lake trout in our area (Fishing Management Zone 10).

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