Northern Pike Fishing:

Northern Pike are native to Carpenter Lake and several nearby lakes (see Carpenter and nearby lakes on the Recreational map). Carpenter Lake is located at your doorstep and each cabin is equipped with a 14-foot boat for your use on this lake. Other pike lakes have boats that can be reached by driving and walking. Northern Pike provide one of the more leisurely fishing opportunities because you needn't travel far and can come and go from your cabin to your boat on Carpenter Lake throughout the day.

Most pike lakes produce Northern Pike in a range of sizes with most fish being in the 2- to 4-pound range and rare trophies in excess of 10 pounds. At other localities, small pike of up to 2-pounds dominate. These lakes and ponds are great places at which kids and those wishing to get some action regardless of the size should fish.

Northern Pike are normally caught by spin casting in shallow water along the shoreline and adjacent to weed beds. Brightly colored spoons are good attractants. Pike are armed with a big mouth and many sharp teeth so you need to be careful when unhooking your catch. Special filleting techniques are required to remove Y-shaped bones as you clean northern pike.