Partridge & Wild Turkey Hunting:

Partridge, including ruffled grouse and spruce grouse are native to the Carpenter Lake area. They can be observed on the forest floor in wooded areas and along roadways and occasionally are found feeding in fruit-bearing trees such as sugar plums, pin cherries and mountain ash. Somewhat tame, they can be closely approached in many instances before running into the bushes or departing in a thunder of wing beats. Partridge are tasty and a partridge stew is a necessity of any fall hunting trip to Carpenter Lake. Partridge are normally hunted using shotguns or rim-fired rifles. Many can be taken simply by driving along the Carpenter Lake Road although there is nothing more enjoyable than to walk through fresh fallen leaves along the numerous trails in the area in search of partridge. Partridge season is normally open from September 15 to December 15 in our area. You can combine partridge hunting with brook trout fishing in the latter part of September or with leaf watching in the peak of leaf colours in early October. Please check with us for further information on hunting partridge at Carpenter Lake.

Wild Turkey Hunting

Wild turkey can be observed typically along roadways and foot paths in our area. Up to 2 bearded wild turkey can be hunted by our guests from April 25 to May 31 using shotguns or bows. Please check with us for further information on what part of the wild turkey season that we are open and for special advice on where to hunt turkey. Consult the Ontario hunting regulations for license requirements including wild-turkey tags in our area (wildlife Management Area 36).