2018 Rates

Use the table below to calculate the cost of your stay at Carpenter Lake. For example, a family or group of up to and including 4 people can stay for a May weekend in Little Bear (a small cabin) for $164.00 or in Big Sky (a large cabin) for $290.00. Prices include all taxes and cabin renters have free use of boats. Note that 2 nights is the minimum stay and only week-long reservations (Saturday to Saturday) are available from late June through early September.

We accept cash, certified checks, Visa and MasterCard. We request a deposit equivalent to 20% of the fee to guarantee a reservation.

Rates: Carpenter Lake Cabins, 2018


No. of bedrooms

Approx. floor area (ft2)

Regular Rate

May 1-June 1, June 23-Sept 3, Oct 9-26

Special Rates

June 2-22, Sept. 4 to Oct. 8



Fishing Special




Fishing Special

Timber Wolf,

Hidden Birch,

Loon Haunt

















Big Sky









Little Bear















Seasonal rates $845./645.

Prices are in Canadian dollars; fair exchange is given on other currencies. Rates are for a family or up to 4 people. Daily rates for Oct 27 to April 30 are: Timber Wolf, Hidden Birch, Loon Haunt-$125., Big Sky-$170., Little Bear-$100. The daily fee for each extra person above 4 is $25. The daily fee for a pet is $7. Cabin fees include all taxes. Cabin rental includes free use of boats. Weekly Fishing Special includes use of an outboard motor, tank of fuel, limited transportation to remote lakes and use of all boats. ATV parking: free at parking lot; $10. /day at cabins. The minimum stay is 2 nights and only Saturday to Saturday reservations are taken for late June to early September.

The incidental rates, listed in the table below, describe additional expenses that you may have. Note that free use of a boat is provided with each cabin rental. You would have a boat fee only if you need more than one boat each day.

Incidental Rates 2018



Boat (14' aluminum) with oars, life jackets and kit

35 (150 weekly)

Boat (12' wood or aluminium) with oars, life jackets and kit

25 (100 weekly)

Outboard Motor (Mercury 2.5 to 6 HP with 5 liters of gasoline)

30 (125 weekly)

ATV parking

Free at designated sites;

10./day at cabins

Tractor or Mule service (trip)


Gasoline (raw)

determined monthly

Gasoline (mixed)

determined monthly

Barbecue with fuel

10 (30/week)

Canoe (daily) with paddles, life jackets and kit

20 (10/half day)

Fire Wood

10/wheel barrel

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